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FinnOne Neo Corporate Loan Management

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FinnOne Neo Corporate Loan Management

FinnOne Neo Corporate Loan Management

Product Module Overview

FinnOne Neo Corporate Loan Management has been designed to help banks and other financial institutions drive business growth with existing customers. The solution offers digitized, optimized and automated loan servicing capabilities that help drive efficiency and customer satisfaction. Along with the added flexibility with complex repayment structures including target IRR based calculations and deferred recovery structures using redemption options, the system provides the flexibility to make alterations to the future repayment structure with changes to the contract parameters anytime during the tenure.

FinnOne Neo Corporate Loan Management provides easy configurability of services such as changes in contract terms due to additional disbursements, prepayments, interest rates, tenures and repayment structures. The use of various payment methods and the associated parameters bring huge efficiencies in changes to contracts without manual intervention such as automated principal reduction using escrow payments, use of pre-defined allocation rules to reduce term or regular payments including proportionate principal reduction over the future term for a particular contract.

The Solution helps in easier compliance with regulatory and contract specific requirements with the option to maintain covenants and special terms and conditions that may be applicable on a contract, one-off or periodic in nature. Periodic condition checks can be applied by specifying a frequency with the system processes ensuring compliance to the same. Any breaches can be communicated using mails and additional charges automatically applied as per agreed terms. Tax payments are managed along with related reconciliation and compliance to local tax requirements. Stressed Accounts management, Sell Down and tracking of NOCs for multi-unit real estate projects are some of the additional features that can help bankers with specific needs.

Business Benefits

  • Digitize End­To-End Lending
    Extend business reach and gain new businessa
  • Business growth
    Support for multiple product lines, multiple-channels with business analytics
  • Operational efficiency
    Enhanced operations and service levels with optimal cost
  • Customer satisfaction
    Straight-through processing for quick disbursal of loans and other customer requests
  • Enhanced manageability
    Consolidation and automation of lending processes
  • Track Risk Comprehensively
    Benefit from data driven insights across the loan lifecycle


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Unique Features

  • Flexible repayment options including different frequencies and due day for principal
  • Monitoring of covenants and special terms and conditions at contract level
  • Flexibility of periodic reviews with option of automated alerts (emails/SMS)
  • Option to specify applicable charges/penalties in case of non-compliance
  • Tracking of NOCs for real estate projects
  • Syndicate / Consortium loans management
  • Sell Down on existing contracts
  • GST Compliance
  • Handling of TDS payments and related reconciliation
  • Debt Service Reserve Account: Calculations and continued tracking of the reserve account balance
  • Stressed Account Managements: Option to mark and track stressed accounts with flexibility for ongoing regulatory changes
  • Option of receiving applicable reminders/alerts such as compliance documents, planned reviews and verifications, etc.

Line of business covered

  • Term Finance
  • Project/Structured Finance
  • Bill Discounting
  • Letter of Credit
  • Working Capital
  • Real Estate - Construction Finance
  • Loan Against Securities
  • Bank Guarantee