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'Nucleus, ITH are good'

May 31, 2005 | Press Release
deepinsight : Nucleus Software: Know that you like it - but is good company already trading at 22 times earnings. What are key competitive advantages?
Ramesh S Damani : Well run company. That should be growing well. Look at FT articleon Nucleus dated May 11, I think.
ritesh : Sir, Nucleus.. After the announcement with Sun, is this a level to buy?? CMP 207/-
Ramesh S Damani : It makes sense to me.
shruti : I am being told that you own nucleus soft..are u planning to reduce your holdings or u want to stay invested for next 1-2 years..Why is the FI holding is so low in Nucleus despite analyst meet ?.what kind of returns you expect in 2 years from current levels for nucleus.
Ramesh Damani : i won Nucleus Software, I can't say what I may or may not do in the future. The company has delivered excellent results. Check article on Nucleus in Financial Times, May 11 for some insight

shruti : between I-Flex and NUCLEUS which one would give better returns in next one year
Ramesh Damani : I am bullish on Nucleus. (I own it)
HugeFan : Sir, I am following you from last couple of months and become a huge fan of yours. I read almost all of your transcripts in Rediff since 2004 and also reading some of your suggesting book. I think "The intelligent investor" is a must to anyone who want to involve in this business. On your suggestion, and with my own conviction, I made GAIL, Nucleus, NTPC, MRPL, SAIL and Tata Elexsi as my core holding. I am still sitting with some cash and want to know if there is anything you want me to add in my core holding at the current price. Thanks once again for all your suggestion and guidance.
Ramesh Damani : I would look at Interantional Travel House. (115). It makes sensefor patient investors

shruti : pl help on FT article says that Nucleus is actively getting in to Chaina market,,,but no complete details
Ramesh Damani : That should be enough for you to understand.
deepinsight : nucleus - does the management have the capability to scale the business?
Ramesh Damani : I think they do.
Ramesh Damani : I own them all and think they will do well. Also take a look at Int travel house (115) and Essel propack.

coolrks : Hello Sir, This side rajesh singh , got your mail thanks for that. I have seen your interview taking stock .In that you metioned about logistci companies, is it viable to buy at current price and one more thing you mentioned mid cap Tech , other than Nucleus which one you suggest
Ramesh S Damani : I have been recommending Logistcs since six months. I like Tata Elxsi. Among the smaller tech stocks make a basket of Encore, Logix and Virinchi. I own and trade in them.

About Nucleus Software

Nucleus Software (BSE & NSE: NUCLEUS) is the leading provider of lending and transaction banking products to the global financial services industry. Its software powers the operations of more than 150 companies in 50 countries, supporting retail banking, corporate banking, cash management, internet banking, automotive finance and other business areas. Nucleus Software is known for its world-class expertise and innovation in lending and transaction banking technology. It has two flagship products, built on the latest technology:
  • FinnOneTM 10 time winner - World’s Best Selling Lending Solution. 
  • FinnAxiaTM, an integrated global transaction banking solution used by banks worldwide to offer efficient and Innovative global payments and receivables, liquidity management and business internet banking services.
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