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About NSBT

Shortage of employable talent is a challenge faced by the Indian IT industry. There is a rising demand for capable IT professionals but, a scarcity of this talent pool. While the number of engineers graduating each year has grown substantially, as per a NASSCOM Report, only about 20% of them are employable. The need of the hour is to improve supply of productive fresh professionals.

To address this growing need, Nucleus School of Banking Technology (NSBT) was launched in the year 2010-11, with a goal to provide World Class training. NSBT offerings are targeted at developing professionals in the area of Banking Technology.

NSBT education is about laying the foundation to build long and successful career which is achieved through experiential learning and specifically created opportunities.

Spreading Financial Technology Knowledge:


Grooming the fresh talent has always been challenging, especially for the IT industry. In fact, it has to be a two-way effort; academics need to have an understanding of the industry and corporates need to communicate their expectation from a fresher.

As a facilitator, NSBT attempts to bridge this gap between Demand and Supply of talented work force. This is achieved through the following:

  • Lectures/mentoring sessions at Colleges
  • Participation in NASSCOM initiative towards this cause
  • Posting relevant articles in magazines
  • Joint projects with colleges

As a corporate trainer, NSBT focuses on role based development programs to Banking Technology Professionals. It covers the below mentioned topics plus more.

  • Lending Business
  • Cash Management Business
  • Architecture Fundamentals
  • Risk Management Technologies in BFSI

As an extension to the role of a facilitator, NSBT offers training programs to fresh graduates as well as final semester engineering graduates with an aim to improve their skills and employability quotient. Courses being offered currently are:

  • NCSP: NSBT Certified Software Professional
  • NCIT: NSBT Certified Industrial Training
  • NCBA: NSBT Certified Business Analyst
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The above courses are woven around the Niche area of banking business domain and banking technology.